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Did you guess around 200? Maybe 300? You’re getting warm but not quite there. There are MORE than 500 employees who carry on campuses in the Volunteer State, thanks to a law that was implemented last July, according to the Knoxville News Sentinel.

The best part? The amount of problems due to the staffers carrying have created little to ZERO problems!

Now a proposal has been made to extend the law to part-time employees as well, but university officials seem concerned about this.

Guns reports:

University of Tennessee Police Chief Troy Lane opposes the expansion and sits on the board of directors for the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police, which also opposes the proposal.

“We already have 160 full-time employees who have notified us of their intent to carry,” Lane said. “I am unaware of how or why adding part-time personnel would make our campus safer. Next, there are far fewer ‘knowns’ with part-time employees. While we get to know our fellow full-time employees, the same may not be said for our part-time employees.”

In addition to the 160 people that have notified police they want to carry at the UT-Knoxville campus, 23 have given notice to the UT-Martin campus and another 416 people had given notice across the Tennessee Board of Regents system.

Scott Robbins, director of safety at UT-Martin, said in an email that the current system is “working fine” and that the university has so far received no complaints about employees carrying firearms.

I don’t see the problem with part-time employees carrying on campus though. Heck, every single staffer and student should be allowed to carry and given the opportunity to practice their 2nd amendment rights. What do you think?


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