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Some liberals are using rising suicide rates to argue for more gun control and bans on gun ownership. Some point to the higher than national average of suicided of police officers in Chicago, however, they fail to realize that even if guns are banned, Chicago police will still carry guns. Having a gun doesn’t make one commit suicide and not having a gun will not prevent someone from committing suicide.

The Chicago Police Department has recorded suicide rates 60 percent higher than the national average.

Last year was the deadliest year in Chicago in 19 years with 762 murders, according to data from the Chicago Police Department. 

But residents aren’t the only victims of the violence. According to an investigation by the Department of Justice, Chicago officers are committing suicide at an alarming rate…

When I was 19, I planned my own suicide. Being a gun rights lover, I decided to use my car instead of a gun. I was going to speed and then cross into oncoming traffic and take crash head-on into another car. My plan didn’t involve a gun, but probably would have killed whoever was in the other car at the time, but since I was going to die, I didn’t care. There are many ways to commit suicide and if someone is determined to do so, then not having a gun won’t stop them.



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