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Many states realized that Second Amendment and gun rights advocates would continue to push and push until citizens were allowed to carry concealed weapons in many public places as a means of self-defense. However, liberals insisted on maintaining some control over citizens being armed so they compromised in allowing the creation of concealed carry permits. This allowed them to know everyone who applied for and obtained a concealed carry permit. It was another form of gun registration which many Second Amendment and gun rights advocates are against. Yet, they compromised by agreeing to a permit system.

Now, Second Amendment and gun rights advocates have been attacking the constitutional legality of requiring citizens to obtain a permit in order to exercise their constitutional and Second Amendment rights to protect themselves and their loved ones.

So far, Second Amendment and gun rights advocates have been successful in 11 states where they have seen ‘constitutional carry’ laws passed. Constitutional carry laws do away with the required permits once necessary to carry a concealed weapon.

However, not everyone, including most Democrats, are in favor of constitutional carry laws and eliminating permits for concealed carry weapons. They argue that not requiring permits is too dangerous to the general public and to law enforcement as no one knows who is armed and who is not. They fail to realize that this idea of not knowing who is armed is one of the reasons that constitutional carry laws help reduce personal crimes and keep the public better protected.

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