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Emotion has been weaponized in America in 2018, with the left increasing the gravity of their court of public opinion ad nauseam in order to sway young voters.

You see, millennials and their ilk are still in a stage of socialist wonderment.  They are being fed, sheltered, and educated without yet seeing the true cost, with deferred loans handed to them by The State in order to attend college.  Increasingly, these havens of leftist thought have been in the business of indoctrinating new liberal voters while they are still suckling at the pseudo-entitlement teat, before the realities of life come crashing into their over-drafted checking accounts.

In this battle to convince America that they have more valuable opinions than the rest, the left has begun to discriminate against gun owners and supporters of the Second Amendment in a myriad of ways, shaming those who exercise their right to bear arms by comparing them to lunatic conspiracy theorists and television’s cartoonish caricature of “doomsday preppers”.

Now, in Wisconsin, one high school’s attempt to vilify the right to bear arms is coming under legal challenge, thanks to the bravery of one student.

Matthew Schoenecker likes guns and T-shirts showing guns. But when the freshman wears the latter to Markesan High School, he is told to change, cover them, or spend the day in an isolated cubicle.

So he’s exercising some other rights to defend what he calls his First Amendment right to support the Second Amendment — he sued the principal in federal court.

The suit, filed Monday in Milwaukee, names principal John Koopman as the sole defendant. It claims Koopman violated Schoenecker’s freedom of expression by restricting him from wearing shirts that depict guns and other weapons in “a non-violent, non-threatening manner.”

The suit also contends that Koopman’s personal, case-by-case determination of which shirts are “inappropriate” violates Schoenecker’s rights to due process.

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This knee-jerk, blanket reaction to tragedy is nothing more than a reflexive disgust being portrayed, but not understood, by these malleable millennials.  They see a gun, they get triggered – no pun intended.  It would be as though talking about how the last Jennifer Lawrence movie bombed in an airport and having the TSA immediately give you an “enhanced” pat down.  (And not even buy you a drink first).

It is time to call this what it is:  Discrimination against gun lovers.  It’s turning Second Amendment supporters into Second Class citizens, and it must be stopped.


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