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It makes absolutely no sense to require all gun owners to keep their guns locked up at home. It denies the gun owner any means of self-defense if the event of a home intruder or burglar. History shows that these types of crimes do increase as people are restricted from being able to have access to their firearms.

A proposed firearm storage law drew a standing-room-only crowd of mostly gun owners to the Woodstock Town Board meeting March 21 as council members attempt to balance safety with the right to self defense. The law, as proposed by Councilman Jay Wenk, would require firearms to be secured in a cabinet or with a trigger lock when not in the owner’s immediate possession.

“All firearms in the town of Woodstock, whether handguns or long rifles and shotguns and all air guns will be secured, unloaded in locked cabinets and/or protected with trigger locks whenever the firearm or air gun is out of the owner’s or custodian’s immediate possession or control,” the resolution states. Violating the law would be punishable by a $500 fine, 120 days in jail or both.

Supervisor Bill McKenna has voiced his concerns about a law that he characterized as punitive in nature and suggested efforts are better directed toward safety education. He suggested Wenk reach out to the area gun clubs, which denied that there was any such contact.

“I am a board member of the High Woods Gun Club,” said Ed Altenau. “It was never discussed at the board meeting so I’d like to know who they talked to.”



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