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A West Virginia man was attempting to protect himself in a home invasion when he somehow managed to fall and shoot himself in the leg.

The homeowner is now in the hospital with injuries he inflicted on himself. The man who he was trying to protect himself from, 25-year-old Christopher Evans-Sayre, was actually his neighbor, and has been charged with burglary and destruction of property. Evans-Sayre threw a brick through a window and into the living room of the homeowner.

Concealed Nation reports:

When the break-in occurred, the homeowner, armed with a handgun, prepared himself to meet the threat.

Unfortunately, he also fell and managed to shoot himself in the leg.

After that, the homeowner fired two shots in the direction of the intruder, Evans-Sayre, which seems to have driven him off.

Evans-Sayre was arrested and charged, and a probable governing factor for the break-in was later determined — the man had taken meth approximately two hours before.

“In 99 percent of the crimes committed somebody is under the influence of alcohol or drugs,” Putnam County Sheriff Steve Deweese said according to WSAZ. “In this case, I’m just glad nobody was seriously injured.”

The homeowner was hospitalized for his gunshot wound, but was expected to be OK at the time of WSAZ’s most recent update.

It is not as easy as one might think to have a complete command of one’s faculties and maintain firearm discipline during times of high stress like this, but what happened here is exactly why.

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Guns are beautiful and make our lives safer….if you know how to handle them. It is easy to laugh at this homeowner for shooting himself in the leg, but it honestly sounds like he was so nervous that he fell while simply trying to protect himself. The truth is, we never know how we will react in a situation like this until we are in it.

Always be safe and practice. Be prepared for any situation so that you do not end up as the guy who shot himself in the leg on the news.


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