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The tradition dates back hundreds of years. John Adams, America’s second president, suggested using guns to celebrate Independence Day. Even though that tradition can be dangerous, plenty of people still love to do it.

“It livens up the sky and we like to have fun,” says one man.

Many people say they take some precautions when firing their guns.

“It all depends on where it goes,” said one woman. “If it was in a field or something, it would be totally different.”

“We do it out in the country,” added another man. “We don’t do it in the city, nothing like that.”

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However, this strategy is not fool proof. Physics professor Antonio Delgado of Notre Same said, “When the bullet reaches a certain height, it will slow down and then begin to fall. If you’re standing below, the bullet is going to hit you at a humongous speed. The same speed it would hit you if you directly shoot yourself.”

Delgado added: “[It] could harm someone else, it could hit a house. It’s like firing an arm and not knowing where you are aiming to.”


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