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America the beautiful,
Or America the fallen?
From sea to shining sea,
Corruption spread like pollen.

If you’re lazy, don’t worry
My paycheck is forcibly shared
You may say it’s spreading the wealth,
I call it Obamacare.

Feminists run ramped
Lying to millions daily
“It’s not really alive,” they coax,
Covered in the blood of a innocent baby

Israel pleads for her sister,
But family means nothing anymore
We stand idly, hands in pocket
As terrorists raid through her front door.

My heart is breaking for our nation,
Oh my country, where have your morals gone?
Are we no longer one nation under God?
This isn’t the foundation you were built on

“In god we trust,” headlines our bills
But our children cannot pray in school.
We dove too deep and now we drown
In the filthy waters of a faithless pool

I pray for you, sweet land of liberty
Your once golden gates are dim
Please come back to your senses,
My darling, remember how to swim

-Keely Sharp

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