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Most modern handguns are coated that is meant to protect the surface from becoming rusty. However, in the case that you do ever need to remove rust from your handgun, heres some tips.



#1) Don’t use lubricant or oil

iron oxide will turn into particles, cause more harm to help because the particles are they more abrasive than the coating on the gun.

#2) Don’t soak the handgun in sugary cola (i.e. Coca Cola or Pepsi)


Small components of the gun can be degraded by the phosphoric acid. Also, it gunks up the gun.

#3) Don’t use abrasive brushes


If you use a brush with bristles that are more abrasive than the gun, then you could destroy the finish,



The best tools for cleaning the rust off a gun are: copper wool, copper bore brush, copper brush, clean (dry) cotton cloths

#1) Use a dry cotton cloth to wipe off gun

This removes anything on the surface of the gun, and also ensures that it is dry.

#2) Separate major polymer and steel components

Because a lot of pistols contain polymer, it’s important to separate the polymer pieces from the steel.

A clean, dry cloth should suffice for surface sediment on polymers.

For removing ingrained dirt from polymer components, use a plastic scrub brush. A clean toothbrush can work. If the dirt is really ingrained in the polymer components, you can use warm water and a drop of dish detergent.

Keep polymer components separate from the steel ones. You want to keep the steel components completely dry during the hardcore rust removal process.

#3) Use a copper/brass brush to remove rust from steel components

This will remove the tough rust, dirt, and salt particles that can be embedded in the steel.


#4) Once all components are clean and dry, reassemble and store


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