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Wait, so let me get this straight…..radical islamists are running ramped, killing people in the name of “Allah”, and literally planning to kill people. This one is arrested for his plan of beheading Pamela Geller, and he could be released???? What in Sam heck!?

A Warwick man is scheduled to be sentenced in federal court in May for conspiring to commit a beheading for ISIS.

Nicholas Rovinski pleaded guilty in September to two charges of conspiracy for his role in a terror plot.

Prosecutors said Rovinski planned to behead New York conservative blogger Pamela Geller with co-conspirators he met on Facebook, David Wright and Wright’s uncle, Usaamah Rahim of Boston.

Rahim was shot and killed in June 2015 by Boston police and the FBI when he lunged at them with a knife….

The government also intercepted two letters they said were written by Rovinski while in jail. In them, he continued attempts to recruit for ISIS and pledged his allegiance to the terrorist group….

The U.S. Attorney’s Office recommended a prison sentence of 22 years for Rovinski.

“He has to show remorse and the only way he can show remorse is to say he is no longer allegiant to ISIS, and that maybe actually accurate on his part. He’s a young kid, but what he did beforehand is really going to hurt him at sentencing,” said attorney and NBC 10 legal analyst Mark Dana in September.

Aside from time served, the deal includes a fine, supervised release for life, and a special assessment of $200.

Geller is the President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), publisher of and also an author.

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