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Along with the rest of this article I say Trump should not release his tax returns now just out of pure spite of the Liberal Left. Seemingly a “principal of the thing” sort of take on it. Remember how long it took Obama to release a “birth certificate” — give the left the same time-frame, at least.

As Written by Bruce Bialosky for Townhall:

The Democrats seem to not want to relent on the desire to see President Trump’s tax returns. They will tell you it is all about good government or that it is tradition. We need open government. They think Mr. Trump is hiding something. I am advising him now he should just come out and say he isn’t turning them over – deal with it. Let me explain why.

The biggest reason is that his tax returns are so complex that very few people could ever understand them. They are most likely littered with hundreds of entities that flow through to his return. He may be the owner of some regular corporations that don’t even appear on his personal tax return that are only taxed at the corporate level. If he owns many partnerships, Limited Liability Companies (LLC) and Chapter S Corporations — where these entities have their income taxed on an individual’s tax return — one cannot tell anything from his personal tax return about these entities other than Trump’s share of income or losses. You can’t tell how much he owns, how much he invested, how much they are worth, what tax treatments have been used or who else owns the company with Mr. Trump.

But the press and his enemies would act is if they do understand. I assert they are next to clueless. When working on writing this column I wanted to find some examples, which are ubiquitous, and it did not take very long. That is because Mr. Trump released the beginnings of his tax plan and the anti-Trump press took a nanosecond to attack……….

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Trump Should Never Release His Tax Returns – Bruce Bialosky


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