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Scary, chainsaw wielding men who break into your home are a thing of horror films, right? WRONG.

This employer, who has not been named, thought the same. He was at home, minding his own business for the evening in New Bremen, New York, when suddenly a crazed lunatic began carving down his front door with a chainsaw!

To make matters even worse…once the psycho’s face was visible, he realized it was one of his employees!!

Kyle M. Poore had previously been in jail for a break-in, and after only a year of being out, he decided that he would modify his technique with a chainsaw and go for round two.


After he cut down his employer’s door, Poore fled the scene, but the victim still suffered severe wounds to his hand.

Later, apprehended by police, Poore was set at a $15k cash bail.

So, what did I take away from this story? Keep a gun in your home! Heck, keep multiple guns in your home! You never know when your crazy employee, or local neighbor crazy, is going to come carve down your door!

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