“The toy company that’s making the holidays great again!” — Fox and Friends co-host, Steve Doocy

Make America Laugh Again: The Comically Incorrect Cartoons of Antonio F. Branco

A collection of politically incorrect editorial cartoons by A.F. Branco that address the major current issues facing our nation. 

About the author/artist

A.F. Branco was born and raised in Mendocino County, California, and later relocating to Northwest Washington state. Branco served in the U.S. Army MP Corps, which offered him the opportunity to attend college on the GI bill.

He is a talented musician — plays guitar, bass, and sings — who, with his band, “Tony and the Tigers,” has played gigs all over the Northwest.

Praise for Make America Laugh Again

"Branco has a way of getting to the heart of an issue with clarity, insight and most of all, wicked humor." —DINESH D’SOUZA, Author and Filmmaker

"Tony’s ‘toons are funny, fresh, relevant and insightful.” —LARRY ELDER, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host

"Branco’s ‘toons hit the mark every time with the kind of conservative commentary that’s so rare these days. Each new one is a must see for me and I love sharing them to my listeners on FB and Twitter.” —LARS LARSON, host of The Lars Larson National Show, and The Lars Larson NW Regional Show

Hardback, 80 pages