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Stand Your Ground T-Shirt (MADE IN THE USA)


In a day when right is considered wrong and wrong is considered right, STAND YOUR GROUND.

Once again, liberals and their friends in the media went crazy when a clipped and misleading video of a group of Catholic kids in MAGA hats interacting with a group of Native Americans in Washington D.C. went viral.

The left went into attack mode assuming that the kids were “racists” who were “attacking” the Native Americans. But subsequent video proved that it was the kids who were the victims, not the Native Americans. Indeed, the leader of the Natives went out of his way to confront the kids who had already been under assault from a fringe, hate group called the “Black Israelites” who were standing there hurling insults and curse words at the boys.

It's just another example of the mainstream media completely and inexcusably altering the lives of innocent young people, all for the sake of the supposed “resistance” to Donald Trump.

By now, the entire nation has seen the media for what they are:  Propaganda masters who profit off of creating division and conflict within our nation.  This was so blatantly obvious in the case of a viral photograph over the weekend that it took only hours for citizen journalists and the alternative media to completely dismantle the narrative.

Oh, and this all came with help from the subject of the photograph; a young man named Nick Sandmann from a Catholic Kentucky high school.

“I wanted the situation to die down and I just wish he would’ve walked away. But I knew as long as I kept my composure and didn’t do anything that he might perceive as aggressive or elevation of the conflict, that it would hopefully die,” he told theToday Show’s Savannah Guthrie in a recent interview.


“Now I wish I would’ve walked away. I didn’t want to be disrespectful to Mr. Phillips and walk away if he was trying to talk to me,” he said. “But I was surrounded by a lot of people I didn’t know that had their phones out, had cameras, and I didn’t want to bump into anyone or seem like I was trying to do something.”


America needs more young men like Nick Sandmann. Patriotic and respectful. And not afraid to stand his ground. This t-shirt was made in his honor.

And the best part? This conservative shirt is made in the USA, printed in the USA, on an American-Made t-shirt press!


Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

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