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"Highway to DC - Trump 2020 Tour" Poster (11 x 14)

"Founded in 1973 by brothers Angus and Malcolm Young, AC/DC have sold more than 200 million records worldwide, including 71.5 million albums in the USA. The Australian rock band's major breakthrough came with their release of the album, Highway to Hell, in 1979. It became the first AC/DC LP to break into the US top 100, eventually reaching No. 17, and it propelled AC/DC into the top ranks of hard rock acts.

AC/DC's defining style of loud, simple, pounding riffs and grooving backbeats is analogous to Donald J. Trump's campaign for the Presidency. In 2016, President Trump cut through the political correctness with a loud, simple, pounding message of "America First" and "Making America Great Again."

In this incredible new portrait of President Trump channeling Angus Young, we see a keen determination in his face to serve America for another four years. There's no doubt that DC is itself a kind of Highway to Hell. But President Trump is the man for the job. He's fighting the mainstream media and the militant Left to rally Americans together and keep the Whitehouse in 2020.

Artist Doug Giles has appropriately titled this painting, Highway to DC. The original  was purchased by Brandon Vallorani and is now available exclusively on this site as a limited edition print (11 x 14).

Doug Giles is the best-selling author of the books, Pussification: The Effeminization of the American Male, Raising Righteous & Rowdy Girls and his latest book, Rules for Radical Christians. Giles is also the purveyor of ClashDaily.com (230M page views) and he also happens to be a professional artist (DougGiles.art).