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Sheriff Trump Print (11 x 14.5 Limited Edition)

There's a new Sheriff in town and he's cleaning up the mess left by Obama. Say goodbye to crime and corruption and hello to a glorious new era. We now have lower taxes, improved international relations, more jobs, and a growing economy. If you want to continue making America again, then let's re-elect President Trump to a second term!

Artist Doug Giles has already sold the original painting, but he's given Keep and Bear the exclusive rights to sell this special painting as a limited edition print. Get your copy now!

Doug Giles is the best-selling author of the books, Pussification: The Effeminization of the American Male, Raising Righteous & Rowdy Girls and his latest book, Rules for Radical Christians. Giles is also the purveyor of ClashDaily.com (230M page views) and he also happens to be a professional artist (DougGiles.art).