“The toy company that’s making the holidays great again!” — Fox and Friends co-host, Steve Doocy

Build The Damn Wall Sticker (MADE IN THE USA)


Democrats want you to believe that building the wall is cruel and even racist (of course they think everyone and everything is racist.) Obama and Nancy Pelosi supported the wall 10 years ago. What changed? Are they against it now because President Trump is for it?

Why do they ignore the documented facts and insist that everyone crossing the border illegally has good motives? The answer is simple. Democrats need voters because real Americans won't give them enough votes to win. We've seen them get dead people to vote. We've seen them bribe and bus voters in to the polls. We've seen them get people to vote multiple times. We've caught them manufacturing votes out of thin air. Allowing illegals into our country gives them even more votes and will shift the balance of power from conservative Americans to liberal Americans.

It's not fair to all of those immigrants who have worked and waited to legally enter our country. As conservatives, we welcome legal immigrants to America. Our laws must be obeyed if you want to enter and become a citizen of our great nation. Open borders, however, allows sex traffickers, terrorists, and drug dealers in to threaten the security of our nation.


  • Die-cut sticker
  • Weather-proof
  • 4.18" by 4"