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Donald Trump: America's 45th President Booklet

Have fun with facts, trivia, puzzles and more all about our 45th President!

Every four years Americans elect a new Chief Executive. Our choice of the 2016 President will affect the future of the United States and the world for the rest of the 21st century.

This kid-friendly book shares interesting facts about our newest President, Donald Trump. It includes information about his childhood, educational background and career, his spouse, and children. The book also includes info on the Vice President, Mike Pence, and the duties of a V.P.

The America s 45th President has interesting information about the: White House and its history; 13 posts that comprise the president's cabinet and what each oversees; Secret Service protection for the president, vice president and their families; Role of the commander-in-chief; And much more!

Grades: 3-8
Ages: 8-14
Paperback, 40 pages