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The school shooting in Parkland, Florida has led to a lot of knee-jerk – act first and think eventually maybe – bills and company policies. One of those issues is the push to raise the age for purchasing a firearm to 21.

Some companies have taken it upon themselves to impose their own leftist policies. One of those is Dick’s Sporting Goods who not only decided to stop selling all assault-style rifles, but to institute a company-wide policy of not selling to anyone under the age of 21.

The state law in Michigan set the minimum age for purchasing a firearm at 18, but that doesn’t matter to Dick’s, prompting a lawsuit recently filed by 18-year-old Tristin Fulton who tried to purchase a firearm from Dick’s but was refused.

(Fox 17 West Michigan) – Changes to gun policies have begun for a number of retailers following the deadly school shooting last month in Florida.

Previously companies like Dick’s Sporting Goods allowed people 18 years or older to purchase long guns but recently changed their policy to  21 and older. Now people from across the U.S., including here in Michigan, are filing lawsuits against retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods.

On Monday,  18-year-old Tristin Fulton, of Michigan, filed a lawsuit claiming employees at the Oakland Mall in Troy refused to sell him a gun because of his age…

Since Michigan law sets the age limit at 18, Fulton is suing Dick’s for $25,000 for willfully violating state law and denying him of his legal right to purchase a firearm. His lawsuit should include a charge of wrongful discrimination based on age. Once any business is allowed to violate state law, then any and every type of discrimination becomes acceptable.



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