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Many robbers and burglars are often desperate and sometimes have the same mentality of a playground bully. When the bully’s victim fights back, the bully often runs away and doesn’t bother that victim again.

Such may be the case for a robbery in a store in Kinston, North Carolina. Two men wearing masks entered a store and pointed a rifle at the cashier and ordered all of the money. Instead of giving them the store’s gold, the cashier gave them lead, causing the robbers to drop their rifle and run out of the store empty handed.

(The Daily Caller) – Two armed, masked men walked into a Kinston, North Carolina store planning to rob the place, but their crime did not go as planned, WITN reports.

As soon as the men entered the store and threatened the cashier with a rifle, the cashier pulled out his pistol and immediately opened fire.

Kinston police released the survelliance camera footage of the crime Wednesday, and it’s intense.

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The video shows the two men approach the cashier and point a rifle straight in his face. Not missing a beat, the cashier draws his own weapon and shoots at…

Although many stores don’t like their cashiers to have a gun and many police departments advise clerks to just hand over the money, others believe that a strong defense is needed. Besides, far too many unarmed convenience store clerks have been shot and killed over the years, but it’s rare that an armed clerk who shoots back gets shot and killed.



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