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The anti-gun world, filled with hysteria, lies and distortions is also filled with mis-information. Their two main arguments against 3D printed guns is that they are untraceable and undetectable.

We’ll give them the first part of that argument, as 3D printed guns are untraceable. They have no serial numbers or any other type of identification.

However, the second part of that argument is not entirely true. Something the anti-gun fanatics don’t want anyone to know is that in the past two years, TSA has detected 3D printed guns on at least 4 different occasions, using some of their latest scanning and detection devices.

(Bearing Arms) – Ever since the Trump administration agreed to drop charges against Defense Distributed for sharing files related to 3-D printed guns, the anti-gun activists have lost their everloving minds. Since then, it’s been nothing but doom and gloom, like plastic guns are about to herald the apocalypse or something. Welcome to Gunmaggedon!

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However, the technology isn’t new.

While Defense Distributed was barred from sharing the files above, other parties shared them far and wide. 3-D printers cranked out parts and weapons in homes and offices all over the nation and the world.

But watch the news and this is supposedly a new threat that will result in guns that are undetectable and untraceable…

It’s probably true that TSA agents have failed to detect some 3D printed guns, but don’t forget that they have also failed to detect some normally manufactured guns, as well as some knives and other potential weapons. If the 3D printed guns were undetectable, the TSA would not have detected any.




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