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American Rifleman put out a list of eight reasons why you should invest in a 9mm Pistol-Caliber Carbine. Personally, I prefer to carry a 9mm, but this isn’t exactly an EDC (every day carry) type of weapon.

The gun is lightweight and compact. I’ve not ever shot that particular gun myself, but from reading, I have seen many places where people have said that the recoil is very manageable as well.


NRA’s American Rifleman  gave eight reasons why this gun is great for home defense:

8. A Variety of Models to Choose From

7. Proven Designs

6. Pistol Magazine Compatibility

5. Low Levels of Felt Recoil

4. Cheap and Plentiful Practice Ammunition

3. Top Notch Defense-Grade Ammunition

2. Improved Ammunition Performance

1. Flexible and Fun To Shoot

Some types of firearms are only available in limited configurations which in turn can make it a challenge to find a good fit for some shooters. This is not the case with pistol-caliber carbines. The 9 mm PCC may be enjoying a new level of popularity today but it’s been manufactured by several companies for quite some time. I still hear folks talk about how much they love their Marlin Camp 9 even though the gun has been out of production since 1999.

If you enjoy working with the AR-15 type carbines, several 9 mms are available from reputable manufacturers including the ATI Milsport, SIG Sauer MPX 9 and the Wilson Combat AR9. The 9 mm AR models tend to come in two varieties, those with dedicated 9 mm only lower receivers and those that use standard .223/5.56 lowers fitted with magazine adapters.

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