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Seven years ago, Rick Ector, an NRA Approved Firearms Trainer saw a news cast about a woman’s body found on the side of a street in Detroit. He felt he needed to do something to help, so he offered to teach a free firearms training class to women. That first year, there were 50 ladies who showed up for the training. Last year, there were 600 and this year, Ector is hoping to see as many as 800 women show up for the free class.

He says that many women want to know more about self-defense but are either afraid to follow up on it or don’t know how to go about getting it. Offering the free class is his way of helping as many women as possible receive valuable knowledge and training in hopes that none of them will end up as a victim along a roadside.

(Ammoland Shooting Sports News) – Legally Armed In Detroit, a gun rights advocacy group, has announced that it will provide a free firearm shooting lesson at a southeast Michigan target range for 800 women interested in learning more about firearms and personal protection.

There will be no charge for the Firearm Instructor’s safety briefing, the usage of a firearm, ammunition, and range time. Participation is 100 percent free for all attendees.

No prior firearms training or experience is required of the women who desire to take advantage of the lesson. Further, experienced women merely desiring to improve their marksmanship skills are also welcome to attend.

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The free shooting lesson offer was the brainchild of Rick Ector, an NRA Approved Firearms Trainer, after seeing a local television newscast of a young woman’s body being discovered on an east-side Detroit street seven years ago…

Ector is not getting paid for teaching this free class but feels that if any of the ladies follow up on what he teaches, them his time invested in the class will be worth it. It will be hard to follow up on all those who attend but if what Ector is doing saves just one life, then yes, his time was well spent. Kudos for Rick Ector.




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