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Hurray for an 83-year-old homeowner in Red Bird, Texas, a southwest suburb of Dallas, was confronted by an intruder in his house around 1:45 am. When 21-year-old intruder Robert Facundo threatened the homeowner, who feared for his life, shot Facundo in the leg. The Hispanic intruder was taken to the hospital for treatment and then taken to the local justice center where charges were filed.

An 83-year-old homeowner shot an intruder in the leg in his Red Bird home early Sunday, police say.

The homeowner, whose name was not released, told police that Robert Facundo, 21, threatened him about 1:45 a.m. in the 900 block of Glen Oaks Boulevard, near South Polk Street and West Laureland Road…

If more homeowners were armed and ready to shoot intruders, it would help reduce the number of home invasions. Many would be burglars would think twice before break into a home, if they knew there was a likely chance of their getting shot and killed. Home intruders are braver and more daring in areas with stronger gun control laws because they know the chances of getting shot are slim. More guns in hands of citizens, the less crime!



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