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Has anything else been in the news more in the past 12 days than the school shooting in Florida and the irrational and emotional call for more gun control? Not even some of the events that took place at the Winter Olympics garnered half the media coverage that the Parkland school shooting has received. The media propaganda blitz is causing some companies to change their stands on gun rights and gun control and those changes will hopefully come back to bit them in the bottom line.

United Airlines announced they were cutting ties with the NRA. Delta not only is cutting ties with the NRA, but they have stopped giving their discount to NRA members, a move that will hopefully drive more people to use alternative airlines for their travels.

(Fox 43) – Two major airlines. A cybersecurity firm. Six car rental brands. A home security company. An Omaha bank. Companies have scrambled to cut ties with the National Rifle Association over the past couple of days, and the list continued to grow into the weekend.

Delta Air Lines announced Saturday morning that it’s ending discounted rates for NRA members. “We will be requesting that the NRA remove our information from their website,” the company said in a tweet.

United Airlines followed a short time later, saying the company will no longer offer discounts on flights to the NRA annual meeting…

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A number of other companies are also cutting their ties with the NRA as they turn against the constitutional rights of the American people and succumb to the pressure of the liberal media and Democrats who ultimately want to use this as a huge stepping stone towards total disarmament of the American people. These companies should be boycotted by every patriot America who values his/her constitutional rights.




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