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Last month, an armed radicalized leftist opened fire on a congressional republican baseball practice, ushering in the liberals’ New Civil War.

That man, James T. Hodgkinson, was following in the footsteps of several prominent celebrities who had called for the assassination of President Donald Trump and the congressional republicans via their various media outlets.  Musicians such as Snoop Dogg and Moby both depicted the demise of the President in recent music videos, while actor Johnny Depp had overtly suggested that he may attempt to kill the President in a tasteless joke harkening back to the death of Abraham Lincoln.  The worst offender was, of course, CNN personality and self-proclaimed D-list actress Kathy Griffin, who recreated a lifelike, ISIS-style beheading of President Trump for a propagandist photoshoot.  This overarching normalization of violence aimed at our elected officials came just as Hodgkinson was finalizing his plans to attack the republican party at their charity baseball practice.

During the melee, Louisiana Representative Steve Scalise was struck by the assailant’s rifle fire in the hip, with a complicated injury that struck bone, organs, and more.  After over a month in the hospital, including one troubling infection scare, Rep. Scalise will finally be released today to continue the long and arduous rehabilitation process.

“MedStar Washington Hospital Center says the six-term Louisiana Republican was released from the hospital on Tuesday and is beginning ‘intensive inpatient rehabilitation.’

“It isn’t identifying the facility.

“The hospital says in a statement that Scalise (skuh-LEES’) was in good spirits and looking forward to returning to work once he completes his rehabilitation.

“Scalise and four other people were injured June 14 when a man opened fire on a Republican baseball practice in nearby Alexandria, Virginia.”

The shooting of Scalise and others was ended by brave Capitol police officers who engaged the rifle-wielding madman armed only with their service pistols.

Hodgkinson’s actions are merely the tip of the iceberg for the left’s newly violent vitriol.  In the months since Donald Trump took office, we have seen nothing but escalation from the liberal left of America, with calls to arms coming from nearly all facets of progressive society.  Furthermore, the President has been impeded by the so-called “resistance” in congress as well, facing a number of hurdles for even the most straightforward of policy actions.

The ability of the democrats and their radical leftists to disrupt our nation’s prosperity by this all-out obstruction are completely uncalled for and highly unethical.  Our nation, whose conservative uprising elected Donald Trump back in November of 2016, have demanded his leadership to hold course.  Instead, we have been treated to a New Fascist nightmare of liberal roadblocks, vitriol, and now violence.

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