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The American flag represents freedom. It represents the lives lost to protect this sweet land of liberty.  It is absolutely absurd that college students can vote to ban the American flag from their meetings. It is even more absurd that the student who is behind it, is a newly naturalized citizen. People who are not even from America are coming over and trying to change OUR culture to fit theirs. It’s not right.

The college senate for one school in California has just voted to make flying the flag optional during meetings. In fact, they must now submit a petition 24 hours head of time to fly the flag in the meeting.

We should be able to fly our flag proudly, WITHOUT having to submit a petition.

This is the byproduct of college campuses becoming more and more liberal, and less patriotic.

One woman even tweeted, “I’m Canadian and I have more love for American than many university students. Something is wrong here.”

Watch below:


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