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Next to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, there is no other person in America that is more prominent and influential in the war against guns and the Second Amendment than former New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg. To learn that his daughter Georgina is dating an avid hunter has create some interesting family discussions.

Georgina Bloomberg, daughter of gun control advocate Michael Bloomberg, is coming under heavy fire after contradicting her family’s political beliefs by dating avid hunter Carlos Arruza Jr.

Arruza Jr. is the son of Carlos Arruza, one of the 20th Century’s most prominent bullfighters. Junior starred in a 1985 film titled, “My Kingdom For…” about his father’s bullfighting.

While Georgina’s father is known for his unrelenting stance on gun control, the young woman is known in New York City for her animal rights activism. Both her father and animal rights organizations across the big apple are questioning her choice in men.

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