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I could be wrong here but if you are in the business of anarchy and looking to stick it to the man, shouldn’t you know what you’re sticking to the man? Perhaps thats not the way of the lefty anti-fascists though, because when asked why they do not like Trump, sudden the track gets stuck on:

-“um, well, like….um, well, like…um, well, like…..”

-*smacks them in the back of the head*

-“He’s racist you know, and sexist, and he eats two scoops of ice cream!”

Enjoy this clip of Fleccas Talks, as they listen to babbling liberals. However, don’t lose all hope. The host also speaks to some Trump supporters and its like crossing the tracks.

See for yourself:

This week we went back to Hollywood Boulevard where an anti-fascist group of demonstrators attempted to deface Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame Star. A lot of people have been asking why I never interview Trump supporters, so for the second half of the video I asked the right some questions. The results may surprise you!


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