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Why on God’s green earth is Arizona State University offering female students extra credit to not shave their armpits???

If a female does not want to shave her pits then that is her decision. Personally I cannot do it because it makes me feel gross, but it is a personal hygiene decision.

Shaving your pits does NOT affect your grades or performance ability. What is the benefit of encouraging the females to do so? Better yet, why are the females who do shave being punished by not also receiving extra credit.

Female students at an Arizona university have been offered the chance to earn extra credit by not shaving their armpit hair for a whole semester.

The unconventional offer was made by women and gender studies professor Breanne Fahs as a way to get her students to challenge social norms.

Male students on the Arizona State University course are also able to apply for extra credit, but to qualify they have to shave all their hair from the neck down.

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