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Maryland, like New York, Illinois and California, has some of the strictest gun control laws in the land. Some of the laws make it very difficult for many law-abiding citizens to not only buy or own a gun, but to conceal carry it for self-defense. Baltimore has even more gun control ordinances, all designed to prevent as many people as possible from legally owning or possessing a gun.

In spite of the efforts of state and local politicians, gun sales in Baltimore are going up and it’s largely due to the fact that more and more women want a gun for self-protection.

A Maryland company that offers firearm training courses are filled to bulging with many of the attendees being women.

(Hot Air) – Despite living in a state with some fairly onerous gun laws, legal firearms sales in Baltimore are on the rise. One big contributing factor is the increased number of women who are choosing to exercise their Second Amendment rights. And in a very encouraging sign, gun safety training classes geared specifically toward women are becoming more common this year. (CBS Baltimore)

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More women are pulling the trigger and buying guns.

A Maryland company, Practical Training Professionals (PTP), is having special classes that focus specifically on females and firearms. On Sunday, it was a packed house in Timonium for a training that could mean life or death…

PTP says that the two leading causes of accidents involving firearms are negligence and ignorance and it’s their goal to help reduce the ignorance factor and teach people, including the ladies, how to be safe with your gun. Although gun sales are up, the greatest hurdle these ladies face is obtaining a concealed carry permit, but many are taking these kinds of classes for that purpose.




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