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Tennessee has responded to California’s temper tantrum travel ban, and it’s great!

In case you are not up to speed, California issued a travel ban to several states, including Texas and Tennessee, because they did not like their LGBT laws. Of course no one is really worried about the travel ban and most have dismissed Cali like the embarrassing uncle of the family.

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Federalist Papers reports:

The so-called “ban” only applies to “non-essential” government travel, and frankly, moralizing from a state that is mired in debt is not something most people pay attention to.

Still, those states that were listed for the “ban” weren’t too keen on being called out. They are Alabama, Texas, South Dakota, Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Tennessee decided to respond and it was epic. The rocky top state passed Joint Resolution 111.

It says:

“WHEREAS, Tennessee is pleasantly surprised that California will not be sending its economic development teams to Tennessee to recruit our businesses, but we can still send our teams to recruit their businesses …”

“WHEREAS, this type of ban, the result of legitimate disagreements about government policy, is neither persuasive nor productive for either party and will lead to economic warfare among states, as one sovereign entity attempts to tell n equally sovereign entity how to conduct its affairs by restricting travel thereto …”

Perhaps the best part of the resolution is:

“WHEREAS, California’s attempt to influence public policy in our state is akin to Tennessee expressing its disapproval of California’s exorbitant taxes, spiraling budget deficits, runaway social welfare programs, and rampant illegal immigration.”

Boom and boom. What now California?


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