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Do you have a problem with others stealing your picnic baskets? No worries, Yogi! Forest Rangers are going to be issued guns!

Joking and kidding aside, this was a long time in the making. Maine Forest Rangers will soon be issued firearms to have on duty after the bill passed the House and the Senate. Now it will hit the governor’s desk for a final signature.

Bill sponsor Will Tuell’s initial proposal called for Forest Rangers to carry their own guns.

But the bill was amended to include the firearm training of Forest Rangers, and guns issued by the state.

Tuell says Forest Rangers often find themselves in remote and dangerous situations and deserve to have the protection of a firearm.

Tuell stated, “68 officers were killed in this country last year, all across the country, and some of them were specifically targeted. And whether you’re for gun rights or not for gun rights, most people that I know are for officers’ safety and protecting the men and women who protect us.”

He also added that he believes they could get the bill to override in the case that the governor vetoes. It has a lot of support.


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