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If you have ever watched Tucker Carlson on Fox News, then you are familiar with the distinct face he makes just before he destroys a liberal. Right? You know, this face:

It’s great. If you don’t have your popcorn yet at this time, then it’s too late. He is about to tear into liberal logic and it is almost over before it even begins.

One of Tucker’s most recent feats was destroying climate change. On Friday, it took him about 90 seconds to dismantle the liberal outrage that the left is displayed towards Trump after his decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement on climate change. Which was really smart for America.

Progressives across the country and around the world expressed outrage this week over Trump’s decision to withdraw from the agreement. But many of those expressing outrage, including world famous Hollywood actors and businessmen, typically fly around the world in private jets that expel mind-boggling amounts of carbon dioxide — the exact substance climate alarmists say is the cause of climate change.

Carlson explained on his show Friday that despite the fact that those upset about Trump’s decision have not “bothered to explain what’s actually in” the Paris agreement, “they assure us that that deal is the solution to the single most gravest threat this planet has ever faced: rising levels of atmospheric CO2.”

“They’re dead serious about that. You can tell by the outraged looks on their faces and the purple rhetoric,” Carlson said. “But hold on for a minute. Can we really be sure that these people take carbon emissions seriously?”

I suggest you make your popcorn before pressing play. Watch for yourself:


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