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I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other brot……wait, what? It was heroin?! That’s right folks. U.S. border patrol in Arizona caught a woman who was attempting to smuggle three pounds of heroin, and guess where it was all strapped to? Her buttocks! I’ve heard of using the junk in your trunk to make money, but this is not what comes to mind.


What makes it even more ironic is that the woman is an illegal immigrant! So not only was she breaking the law by living in America, undocumented, but she as also working with some type of drug ring.

Fox News reports:

The 47-year-old Arizona resident, an illegal immigrant, was hoping no one would notice what was down her pants as she walked across the border in Nogales Tuesday, Fox 2 Detroit reports.

The 3 pounds of heroin were taped to her backside under her jeans, the station reported. U.S. Customs and Border Protection said the heroin had a street value of $45,000.

The woman was one of several arrests at the Nogales border crossing Tuesday, the station reported.

She and the others who were arrested were turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, according to the station.

So the moral of the story here? Well for one, don’t enter a country illegal. For two, don’t try to smuggle and sell drugs. For three, you can’t always trust people who have big butts!

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