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The bible talks about secret sin in Luke 12:2. It states, “There is nothing covered up that won’t be exposed and nothing secret that won’t be made known.” Meaning that sins committed in private will be brought to light, and they will no longer be a secret.

On that note, one of Vice President Mike Pence’s secret service agents was suspended after it was brought to light that he had a secret meeting with a prostitute at a Maryland hotel.

CNN reports:

One law enforcement source says the agent was caught after police saw him exiting the hotel.

The police responded to a call from the hotel manager who became suspicious of activity in one of the rooms. The source said this was not a sting.
The agent was arrested and was charged with solicitation. He then self-reported his arrest to the Secret Service, the source said.
At the time of the incident, which occurred late last week, the agent was off-duty and did not present himself in his official capacity, according to law enforcement sources.

Did he really think he wouldn’t be caught? Pence is a loyal, moral man and I would not have expected anything less than a suspension after it was brought to his knowledge.

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