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For decades, the British have boasted of their police officers not being armed nor the need for them to carry guns. It was almost a badge of honor, kind of like the stoicism of the Royal Guards that stand at attention for hours, never moving or smiling. However, things have been changing in Great Britain and more police are armed today than a couple decades ago, but a recent poll of British citizens revealed they want more police to carry guns.

A new poll conducted by Sky News has found that most British citizens think police should routinely carry firearms while on duty.

Approximately 72 percent of those surveyed thought police should routinely carry firearms, while 20 percent said police should not be routinely armed.

If those who answered “neither” or “don’t know” are excluded, those who think police should be armed jumps up to 78 percent, while 22 percent remain in opposition…

I recall seeing a news story on one of the mainstream media that gave an account of a London police officer running away from the latest vehicle terrorist attack on the bridge in London because he was not armed and was helpless to stop the terrorist. Undoubtedly, this incident had a lot to do with the response to the poll and the people’s support for arming more police.


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