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Yikes! So Rapper Talib Kweli Greene (don’t worry, we’ve never heard of him either) tweeted out, calling Ben Shapiro a “racist ass.” So what does Shapiro do? Gives Greene a dose of his own medicine, of course, and absolutely destroys him!

This all started because a woman tweeted that Shapiro was her hero (I mean, he’s one of mine too. Have you ever heard him debate? Perfect.) Sounds like Greene is a little butt-hurt to me!

Here’s how it went down:

This is ironic because Greene is aggressively racist on Twitter, but doesn’t see the problem with it. Shapiro let him know, though!

Did Greene realize that he was continuously putting his foot in his mouth, or does he honestly not see the fault in his potty mouth? This is baffling to me, because so many people have the same mindset!


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