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Ah, Jerry Brown has now teamed up with Democrats to push a huge tax increase in order to fix roads.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the proposal includes “a 12-cent-per-gallon increase in current gas excise taxes on Nov. 1. Future increases would be made through a new tax calculating methodology and annual inflation adjustments. Those changes would begin in 2019 and would be fully implemented in 2020.”

These taxes would be on top of the increased vehicle use fee, which the Times states would “average $51.00 per year based on the value of the car.”

I would hate to live in California right now. They are just getting screwed over, left and right!

The sliding scale fee for the right to drive on California’s roads starts at $25 for cars valued under $5,000, and rises to $175 for vehicles whose value exceeds $60,000. All electric vehicle owners will be billed $100 — a huge opt-out for those who pay zero gas taxes while driving very expensive cars.

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