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When will lawmakers learn that only law-abiding citizens obey the laws? Criminals are called criminals for the very fact that they don’t obey the law or laws and as such regardless of how many anti-gun laws a city, county, state or nation passes criminals will find a way to obtain what they want usually through illegal means.

California Democrats have been racing to become the most anti-gun state in all of America, but their politicians fail to understand that it’s only hurting the good guys, while driving the bad guys to other means of obtaining firearms and in a growing number of cases, those firearms are ghost guns, homemade with no serial number or any means of legal identification or tracing to the owner.

( – A FOX 11 special report is taking you into the world of “ghost guns”, homemade firearms that have no serial number or identifying markings, and aren’t registered with the state of California.

As long as you’re allowed to own a gun, it’s perfectly legal for you to build your own ghost gun, but the consequences can be deadly when they fall into the wrong hands, including those who aren’t allowed to own firearms.

In November 2017, Kevin Neal went on a shooting rampage in Tehama County, California, opening fire on cars, homes, and an elementary school, killing five people before he was shot and killed by police.

A court order prohibited Neal from owning guns, so he built two rifles himself, ghost guns, which he used in the attacks.

In June 2013, in Santa Monica, John Zawahri murdered his dad and brother before setting their home on fire. He then went on a shooting rampage at Santa Monica College, killing three people before police gunned him down…

In the case of Zawahri, he made his own assault-style rifle that he then used to murder his dad, brother and several others. With the right kind of tools, building a gun isn’t as difficult as one may think. Years ago, I worked with a group that did gunsmithing and learned a lot about firearm workings and construction and know just how easy it would be to make an untraceable ghost gun.



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