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Under the oversight of Barack Obama and then Attorney General Eric Holder, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) became embroiled in the Fast and Furious scandal that allowed several thousand guns to cross the border into Mexico and into the hands of drug cartels. One of those guns was used to murder Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and others were used to murder over 300 Mexican residents. Now the ATF is being investigated for what could turn out to be another huge scandal.

The New York Times—which couldn’t be bothered to look into “Operation Fast and Furious,” in which the Obama-era ATF told gun store owners to let bad guys fronting for Mexican drug cartels buy all the guns they wanted—just led an investigative article this way: “Agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives used a secret, off-the-books bank account to rent a $21,000 suite at a NASCAR race, take a trip to Las Vegas and donate money to the school of one of the agent’s children, according to records and interviews.”

The Justice Department’s inspector general has opened an investigation into the ATF’s use of the secret bank account. The House Oversight and Government Reform committee is also looking into the matter.

According to the Times, “Agents also used the account to finance undercover operations around the country, despite laws prohibiting government officials from using private money to supplement their budgets.”

The NRA is now pushing for Congress to fix the ATF. It desperately needs to be done, starting at the top. I believe Congress should continue to investigate Fast and Furious as well, convicting and jailing those officials responsible for the illegal operation. Those officials should also be held liable for the death of Terry.


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