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Oh Chelsea….I feel sorry for her. I truly do. You know why? Her parents failed her in such major ways. Not financially of course, because she had everything she ever wanted with con artists as parents. No, I have sympathy for Chelsea because she was so brainwashed her entire life that if Bill and Hillary had told her the sky was green, she would swear by it today.

Yet, here we are now, being lectured and belittled by a little rich, elitist girl who has had everything handed to her throughout her entire life. She has never even had a real job. So where exactly is all her money coming from?

She took the first opportunity she had to take a cheap shot at President Trump and Republicans at the Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CARE) conference on Monday.

Chelsea Clinton said, “I completely agree that we have to always start by listening and calling out and giving a platform, and encouraging, particularly, those who are and have been structurally disempowered and often forcibly silenced.”

The rich witch continued, “I think though that we also have to recognize particularly at this moment that sexism is not an opinion, Islamophobia is not an opinion, racism is not an opinion, homophobia is not an opinion, jingoism is not an opinion……So I think that we, in our posture of listening, also have to get comfortable with standing up and speaking out.”

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