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If people want to get a gun, legally or illegally, there is always a way to do it. It may be costly, but guns are readily available in many countries that have gun bans and strict gun laws.

Australia banned the private ownership of most guns over 20-years ago but they still have gun amnesty programs where they encourage people to turn in their guns without facing any criminal prosecution. Why are there still so many guns in a nation with a 20-year-old gun ban

China also has very strict gun control laws, but they have been fighting an increase in the black-market sales of guns, indicating the people feel the need for self-defense.

(Global Times) – Gun enthusiasts are continuing to use the Internet for the illegal trading of firearms despite recent police crackdowns that have resulted in hundreds of thousands of people being detained or imprisoned.

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Last week, police in Central China’s Hunan and Hubei provinces, North China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, East China’s Shandong Province and Southwest China’s Guizhou Province busted several online gun trading rings.

Since July, police in Bouyei-Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Qiannan, Southwest China’s Guizhou Province, have arrested 585 suspects and confiscated 387 guns in raids on several online trading rings, China Central Television reported on November 28.

Three websites were ordered to delete content or shut down during the period and more than 7,000 pieces of illegal online information were removed, said the report.

Gun trading crimes have become increasingly hard to detect, as traders often communicate in code in online chat rooms and disguise their online gun stores as hardware or toy shops, said experts…

A friend of mine in undercover law enforcement told me that he could get virtually any kind of gun he wanted within a 24-hour period and on many occasions, he has done just that as part of his undercover work. Another friend who has a federal firearms license to buy and sell and say that he can also obtain any gun someone wants in a very short period of time; if not through legal means than by illegal means as the black market for guns in the US – street guns is a booming business.





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