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Chris Pratt is the man! He tames dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, saves the galaxy in Guardians of the Galaxy, and SETS HOLLYWOOD STRAIGHT!

The latter is probably the best! The A-list actor let it be known that Hollywood DOES NOT represent the average, blue collar American, despite their struggle to make you believe they do.


In an interview with Men’s Fitness, Pratt said he wants to work on a project someday that speaks to the people he feels Hollywood ignores, since the Washington State-native says he rarely sees his upbringing represented.

Pratt said, “I don’t see personal stories that necessarily resonate with me, because they’re not my stories,” he continued, “I think there’s room for me to tell mine, and probably an audience that would be hungry for them. The voice of the average, blue-collar American isn’t necessarily represented in Hollywood.”

He said he would like to help bridge the divide in our country caused by our polarizing political discourse.

“I really feel there’s common ground out there that’s missed because we focus on the things that separate us,” he said.

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Pratt feels like we are being separated into to very defined groups. You are either one or the other, and nothing else matters. He said, “You’re either the red state or the blue state, the left or the right. Not everything is politics. And maybe that’s something I’d want to help bridge, because I don’t feel represented by either side. I don’t feel we have to be at war with each other like we are, and it’s just getting worse.”

I think he has a point. Not EVERYTHING has to be about politics. It seems like every time we turn on TV, or do anything really, there are celebrities talking about politics or others pushing their agenda where it should not be pushed.

There is a time and place for everything.


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