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For centuries, churches used to be considered sacred and off limits to thieves. No one would dare rob or attack a church or a minister or people inside a church.

In today’s decadent America, nothing is sacred, not even a church or church goers. We’ve seen many reports of churches being vandalized, burned and robbed. Our society has decayed to the point where churches have become targets, and to many desperate thieves, churches are an easy target where they won’t face any resistance.

However, one thief found out that a Baptist church was not the easy target he thought it would be. Steffon Tolver, 26, entered the church and began to rob the people gathered there. It was 10:30 on Sunday night and there were people in the church making preparations for a youth trip. One of the would-be victims was armed and refused to be a victim and shot Tolver, who ended up meeting his Maker instead of escaping with his ill-gotten loot.

A man went to church, but not for the reason that most people go. However, he did end up meeting his maker face to face.

An Alabama man was shot and killed by a church goer after he attempted to rob a Baptist church.

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Concealed Nation reports:

Dothan First reports that 26-year-old Steffon Tolver looked to score some easy money by robbing people on church grounds…

Criminals need to learn that no matter where they go, they take the chance of meeting someone who is armed and ready to use their gun to stop them. Most criminals don’t think of a church as place they’ll face armed resistance, but that’s not true anymore in many place in America. A few years ago, an armed parishioner in another church stopped a mass shooting in progress when she pulled out her legally permitted concealed gun and shot the gunman. They need to learn that churches are where you save your soul, not lose it for all eternity.





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