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Is it legal for a city official to block the expansion of a legal business simply because they don’t like the subject of the business, even though expanding the business would be financially beneficial to the city?

If a flower shop wanted to expand their business, would it be legal if a city councilperson objected simply because he or she didn’t like flowers? What about if a city councilperson didn’t want a church in his or her city because he or she is an atheist?

The same question needs to be asked about McKeesport City Councilwoman Fawn Walker-Montgomery. She is opposing the expansion of Legion Arms, a gun shop, decided to expand their store.

A McKeesport gun shop wants to expand, but some people in the community are saying no.

The gun shop owner is defending his move, saying the expansion will actually help McKeesport.

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The shop sits tucked away, wedged in between two buildings on Market Street.

It’s maintained a pretty low profile for the past seven years.

But now that the shop is expanding, it’s not sitting well with everyone who lives there.

“I don’t have issue with guns. I don’t have issue with the Second Amendment,” McKeesport City Councilwoman Fawn Walker-Montgomery said. “I don’t have issue with the owner. I just do not feel like we need a gun shop in McKeesport.” …

Walker-Montgomery says her biggest concern is that people will legally buy guns and then put them on the streets for criminals to use. She fails to admit that most guns used by criminally are not purchased legally at gun stores. Her statement and actions demonstrates that she is an anti-gun liberal who is against allowing a businessman from expanding his business or allowing law-abiding citizens to legally purchase a gun for self-protection.




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