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Chris Farrell, Judicial Watch’s Direct of Investigations, stated that within 20 minutes of James Comey’s testimony this week that the Department of Justice should have sent U.S. Marshals to raid his home.

Farrell appeared on Lou Dobbs Tonight and said that Comey’s admission to leaking was “property of the U.S. Government” and that he “absconded with them”.

As written for by Matthew K. Burke:

About Comey’s admitted leaking and the bombshell announcement that then-Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch ordered Comey to downplay the FBI’s “criminal investigation” against Hillary Clinton to only just being a “matter,” as to sound more innocent with American voters, Chris Farrell told Lou Dobbs:

“It’s clear the FBI director was taking instructions from Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Clearly, the attorney general was giving him talking points and he literally adopted them. 

This admission today is stunning. I would argue that Mr. Comey’s notes are the property of the United States government and that he absconded with them. 

Frankly, if I were the attorney general, about 20 minutes after his confession today in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Deputy U.S. Marshals would have raided his home and office, as well as Mr. Richman at Columbia Law School.” 

 The “Mr. Richman at Columbia Law School” Farrell is referring to is Columbia professor Daniel C. Richman, the “good friend” Comey leaked an FBI memo to, according to his sworn testimonywhile being questioned by Sen. Susan Collins on Thursday.

Comey admitted that he leaked the memo after his firing, telling Richman to give it to the press in order to spur a special prosecutor in the phony Trump-Russia collusion narrative created by the Democrat Party and the Democrat Media Complex with no evidence to support the accusations.

Judicial Watch Top Investigator: Comey’s House Should be Raided by U.S. Marshals After Outing Himself as a Leaker [VIDEO]

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