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Democrats and the mainstream media are all up in arms and blaming the Air Force and gun rights supporting Republicans for the mass shooting that took place at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs last week.

It’s true that the Air Force may have dropped the ball, but they weren’t required to inform the federal agencies involved, however, Devin Kelley used the same method that legal and illegal aliens use to cast illegal votes and Democrats have been vigorously defending that method for the past 9 years and continue to defend it today, while at the same time blaming Republicans and gun rights activists for allowing the same method when buying a gun.

The mainstream media and neo-com Democrats are having a field day blasting the US Air Force and the failure of the background check system that allowed Devin Kelley to purchase the guns he used when he shot and killed many of the people at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

One thing that NO one has yet mentioned is that Kelley used the same method used by illegal aliens in voting and it’s something that Democrats have been defending for years.

Technically, the Air Force did nothing wrong as they were not required to report the charges and bad conduct discharge to federal authorities. This is something that the Air Force and Congress are looking into with hopes of changing policies and procedures.

However, when Devin Kelley filled out the federal forms to purchase his guns, he lied about his mental history. In the box asking the question, he checked NO. Had he checked YES, he would not have been able to purchase his guns.

The combination of circumstances is what allowed Kelley to make his purchases…

If Democrats get their way and close the loophole used by Kelley to purchase his guns, then I hope Republicans can work to close the loopholes used to allow legal and illegal foreigners to register to vote and then cast illegal votes.


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