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Anti-gun fanatics have been proclaiming that the number of times people successfully use a firearm for self-defense are rare and therefore is not a valid argument for protecting gun rights and fighting against gun control.

The facts show that the anti-gun fanatics are either lying or are ignorant of what is happening in America. Even the CDC, an organization infamous for it’s anti-gun stance, has admitted that there are many instances where law-abiding gun owners use their guns in self-defense. The National Research Council also reported that firearms are used between 500,000 to 3.5 million times a year for lawful defensive purposes.

Just in the month of June of this year, there were a number instances to support the data above.

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(The Daily Signal) – There is no denying that lawful gun owners use their firearms in self-defense far more often than those decrying the “myth” of a good guy with a gun would care to admit. Firearms are, in fact, used for self-defense often and effectively.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, notorious for its anti-gun bias, acknowledges as much in its 2013 report on gun violence research.

There, in conjunction with the National Research Council, the CDC concludedthat almost all national, comprehensive studies on the subject find that firearms are used for lawful defensive purposes between 500,000 and 3.5 million times every year in the United States.

Even assuming that the actual number of defensive uses is on the low end of that range (and there’s good reason to believe that, in fact, it falls at the higher end), firearms are used to protect life and property more often than they are used to commit crimes, according to the CDC…

Years ago, I had to use my handgun to save my life when it was threatened by 4 illegal aliens from Mexico and I know others who have used their guns to defend themselves, their family, their home and others. Whenever you hear someone say that using a firearm for self-defense is rare, you need to correct them and tell them just how common it is. They often mean the difference of being a victim of a crime or preventing yourself or others from being victimized.




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