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Once again, I’m very pleased to report that a legal gun owner used her gun in what is being described as a case of self-defense. The man tried to enter the home of a Dayton woman. She called 9-1-1 several times asking for help, but eventually shot and killed the man, who some say was someone she knew. Police are still investigating the incident.

A Dayton resident shot and killed a man who tried to enter her home Tuesday evening, according to Dayton Police.

The man was identified today as 53-year-old Darron Orr.

Here’s what we know so far—and what we’re gathering—about the shooting in Dayton:

It’s currently unclear what the relationship between the resident and the man who tried to break into her home was, but according to 9-1-1 audio, she referred to the man as a friend while requesting immediate help…

As more incidents of homeowners legally shooting and killing intruders that happen and are reported, the better. Criminals need to be warned that more and more American homes have guns and more homeowners are prepared to use their guns to protect themselves, their family and their home. This is what Democrats don’t want to hear nor do they want you to hear, because they want to leave everyone defenseless.



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